Remete barlang, Hegyes-tető


Fantastic views of the Danube Bend
From Nagymaros, up to the romantic Remete cave, then to the most beautiful viewpoint of the Danube Bend, to the Julian Tower tower on the Hegyes Roof and to the Köves Field to the starting point. Difficulty and panorama of abundant boulevard.

Starting point: Nagymaros (accessible by public transport)
The length of the tour is 10.8 km
Duration of the tour: 4 hours
Level difference: 500 m up, the same number down

Nagymaros, Hegyes-tető, Julianus-kilátó


A stunning view of the hills surrounding the Nagymaros

Starting from Nagymaros on the National Blue sign, go back to the charming small town on the National Blue Sign on one of the most beautiful panoramic mountains of the Danube Bend, on the Hegyes-tető, the Julianus viewpoint and then on the ridge of the hills surrounding the Amphitheater of Nagymaros, enjoying the magnificent view of Gubacsi-hálás.