How to Change Recursion Limit (File Limit List) in PureFTPd on cPanel

By default, PureFTP server on cPanel has a limit on a number of files displayed through an ftp client. It is usualy 10000, if you need more files displayed follow this quick tutorial.

Ftp is easy to configure on a cPanel server using WHM or the pureFTP configuration file. The FTP service configuration in WHM is a no-brainer, but for those looking to set up FTP from command line (such as for automation purposes), you can use cPanel’s built-in template system to apply configuration options that will not be overwritten during cPanel updates.

Server Error: UID SORT: Internal error occurred

Occasionally, Webmail users (Horde or Roundcube) on cPanel server may see the following error: Server Error: UID SORT: Internal error occurred. Inbox may not load at all.

It's a permission issue which can be fixed by following command via Shell (root access is required):

/scripts/mailperm username

If it didn't fix, please check maillog:

grep domain.tld /var/log/maillog

You should search for any errors associated with Dovecot imap. You may find something similar to: 

Easy Script To Test Your CRON Job

Developers would know this…often times, we setup CRON Jobs to run on specific times to execute a specific file or perform a task but we really don’t know if it’s running as it should.

Now I know many developers choose to have a script that probably logs its execution on a log file somewhere or output it to a TXT file. This is one alternative but I found this little PHP script online on InkPlant. It quite useful because it does the same thing (outputting execution of the main file to a TXT document).

cPanel Webmail: internal server error 500 user is over quota cpanel

This user cpanel account reached disk quota limit and mail stopped working. User deleted about 4G of emails and released some disk space. Problem was that he still wasn’t able to login to webmail. This error was shown:

internal server error 500 user is over quota cpanel

It didn’t make sense since he released his disk space. Cpanels quota was showing new value, but login to webmail was still impossible.

What you have to do is remove cpanels overquota file manually. Let’s say that user user4 is having issue described above.

How to remove/terminate cPanel account in command line

What is /scripts/removeacct?

This is the new command line script used to replace /scripts/killacct. It also is similar to the functionality provided in the Terminate an Account panel. The biggest difference is the new implementation of removing the DNS zone automatically. It also provides the option to keep the DNS zone via command flag.

Here's the usage dialog provided from the script:

cPanel Shared IP address for nobody fix

If you have logged into your VPS or server and noticed that you had an IP address that was not assigned to any accounts, yet you are unable to use it because it says you have 0 free ip addresses or that the IP address is assigned to nobody (or shared with nobody), you can fix it using this tutorial. This is usually caused by the termination of a reseller that was sharing a dedicated IP, before the IP was actually removed.

Track delivery not updating

Today noticed the following error in the /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log

The system received an error from the “SQLite” database “/var/cpanel/eximstats_db.sqlite3”: SQLITE_IOERR (disk I/O error)

Move the corrupted SQLite database out of the way and import the Exim data:

ls -lah /var/cpanel/exim*
mv /var/cpanel/eximstats_db.sqlite3 /var/cpanel/eximstats_db.sqlite3.old
/scripts/slurp_exim_mainlog --force
rm -rf eximstats_db.sqlite3.old