How to remove/terminate cPanel account in command line

What is /scripts/removeacct?

This is the new command line script used to replace /scripts/killacct. It also is similar to the functionality provided in the Terminate an Account panel. The biggest difference is the new implementation of removing the DNS zone automatically. It also provides the option to keep the DNS zone via command flag.

Here's the usage dialog provided from the script:

    /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/removeacct <user>

    --force: Bypass confirmation dialog
    --keepdns: Keep zone files from DNS

To remove a cPanel account simply perform the following command:

/scripts/removeacct cpaneluser

This will provide a prompt to confirm if you'd like to continue with removing the account and the DNS zones for the user. The default option (selected by pressing Enter) is No. So you'll have to type 'y' before proceeding. To skip the confirmation dialog simply add the –force flag as shown:

/scripts/removeacct –force cpaneluser