Who I am

This is Richard's personal page on the website, maybe it's from the website's address. I was born in late August. For a long time, I didn’t know what I wanted to deal with in life. As a child I was interested in many things, when I wanted to be inventor and later a train driver. I was always interested in all the things that could be plugged into the power socket and powered by the current. Especially in the field of information technology, in particular anything related to it.

At the moment, I prefer a Linux environment, but I do not even care about using Windows. I like graphic programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom or Gimp. I'm also interested in movie and 3D design, I'm currently studying the use of Sony Vegas, PremierPro or Blender. I like to write scripts that can either work as a web page later or have some special task while running a computer or server. Unfortunately, or fortunately my hobbies are my work, so I'm pretty much alive between computers.

I like to bicycle, read, watch movies or just cook. Cycling is a childhood hobby, I've been trying MTB bikes for a long time, then I finally got a road bike and I think I found the bicycle that goes with me. If you're not cycling, I'll just take the camera and take pictures. Virtually everything, there are so many slides that you might want to capture.

There should be a few words about the website, because it is about me. This site is really a personal note book. I have a lot of things to see in life that you should remember and maybe be useful to others. There are only things on the page that seem to me to be interesting in some way.