What I do

When I work I usually sitting in my desk, front of the two monitors, and I do nothing. Yes because the good sysadmin seemingly do nothing, only work if there is trouble. However somebody already have a problem, something not working, slow, don'n get an importatnt email, etc.... If so, and this happens quite often I try find and solved their problem. First, this is good for X and for me, because then I do not have to work again. Naturally this is not quiet true, I doing a lot of background task ex.: software upgrade, optimizing, etc..., but these not spectacular, most in case the visitor, or our customer doesn't notice anything.

I love my job, I do not really look at it as a job, but rather as a hobby. This is somewhere good and bad. Good because the most problem it isn't a problem rather a challange. Bad because I lost my time sense, I scrambling for what I'm doing.
If I not work, going bycicle on the road, reading a book, cooking some dishes, or walking somewhere, and taking photos.